I’m flighty, but I won’t apologize.

Well hello, I’ll be honest I’m a little surprise that you have stopped by but since you have welcome to my Maybe Today blog. I have no clue what the intentions of this blog is or where the subject matter will begin or end on any given day. Let’s just say that it’s an experience in experiencing without the need for complete control. That means that I have no intention of planning them out, and sometimes I may not even choose to format. Why? Well why the hell not.  Everyone could probably use a little randomness every once in a while, right?

Today’s topic: Starting this blog.

I mean seriously what the hell am I really doing this for anyway.  This morning I had a conversation with my teenage daughter about how we as human’s look toward recognition as a need for personal happiness. Well I can’t honestly tell you if I’m doing this out of recognition or the need to jump back on the writing horse after a five year run of endless rejection.  I guess I’ll find out with the help of this blog, or maybe I’ll just blow it off like I do with most things. Yup, I’m admittedly flighty, but I won’t apologize for it.  Anyway back on track.  I’ve been thinking about this blog for a little while. Then after going through probably thousands of topics. None of them stuck. Instead, I figured that it would be nice to write without limitations, boundaries or obligations. And I guess that is all for now…until next time.


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