Maybe Today

One of the things that I find amazing about myself is that my mind can spin with thoughts but when I reach out for one to expand the thought becomes intangible. Like a dream that seems so real that you can feel the weather on your skin, but when you awake it dissipates, first slowly then so quickly you don’t know if it was there at all.  That’s why I watch so much television, it allows my mind to wander but still have a fixed place to come back to.  So with that in mind I just came up with today’s topic, which, come to think of it should have probably come to me much easier.

Today’s Topic:  Maybe Today

It’s the name of the blog and I suppose before we go much further I should explain where it came from.  I suppose I can say that the title explains it all. Maybe today…I will leave the house.  Maybe today…I’ll finally come up with that one great idea.  Maybe today…nothing will change.  Maybe today…everything will make sense.  Maybe today…I’ll smile, cry, try something different, fight for a cause, find inspiration.  There is really no limit as to what the end of that particular sentence could be, and I guess that’s what I like about it.  Recently I’ve been pushing to start a new art project with toothpicks and foil candy wrappers along with little tiny mirrors.  I have no clue what I’m going to create but that’s how all my projects start in my mind. Then slowly as the natural controlling and planning parts of my mind go to work a project forms.  What’s funny is that by the time my plan is put into fruition at least one hundred aspects of the original thought changes.  I think that’s awesome.  But only in this aspect of my life.  If that were to happen with other aspects of my life like finances, child rearing etc. the end result would not be pretty.  So Maybe today I’ll start that project. Probably not, but I love having the option. Well my attention span has come to it’s end.  Until next time.


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