Maybe today…I won’t be a control freak.

Well hello and great afternoon. Today I find myself back on the systematic schedule that allows my life to stay in the center.  I know it sounds boring, but I have one of those personalities that if not properly planned can spin out of control due to it’s own centrifugal force.  There’s a ride called the Gravitron. You can usually find it in those small fairs that travel the cities.  You walk into a UFO looking thing and strap yourself against the wall.  Anyway, having a basic daily system allows me to stick in the middle and not have to strap myself against the wall. This somehow leads me to today’s topic.

Today’s Topic:  Maybe today…I won’t be a control freak.

It’s a negative connotation to most when you put the words control and freak together.  But for me it is a badge of honor. There are numerous reasons why I am a control freak but that is neither here nor there because the bottom line is that I enjoy being a control freak. However, as a desire to find balance so that I can experience more moments of pure and untainted happiness I want to find ways to “go with the flow.”  Now let’s begin by explaining that my deepest belief is that using such a lax method in any circumstance is completely illogical. Especially if it is completely rational to plan every aspect of the situation.  However, I have come to understand that planning every moment really limits the amount of truly mysterious and magical experience that you can only have by mistake. So with that in mind I have to realize that I will never not be a control freak, but with much practice I can pretend that I’m not and mimic the motions of “going with the flow.” For now, it will have to work.  And that’s all for today.  Until next time.


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