Unexpected Expenses

Emergencies arrive on so many types of fronts. It may be emotional, financial or the scariest…physical. Today mine arrived in a form that I had no contingency for…animal. Today one of my pets had an emergency and for as long as I have had pets this was the first time I had to deal with a pet emergency.  We had the funds to cover the expenses with little strain, however once the bill arrived the title of the show I had been watching earlier popped in my brain which led me to today’s topic.

  Life or Debt

It’s sad for me to admit, but there was actually a number that would have made that a much harder choice. Luckily today we didn’t reach that number. However, it  brings to mind this question:  How did the fear of debt become such a prominent factor in important life decisions?  Now this is not a speech about healthcare. (I have political opinions, I just don’t feel the need to share them.)  This is a question of my own moral boundaries when it comes to debt.  I say that I wouldn’t have saved the life of my pet if the cost was too high, but is that really true?  I will admit something else, the original number that I had decided on before I hit the vet was half of the number on the bill, but once I was told that my pet’s quality of life could return to a healthy state doubling the number didn’t seem so bad. This was because, even though we knew the number was much larger than we anticipated, we could afford it with a few simple sacrifices.  Would my willingness to part with the money been the same had I not had it to give? If I had to choose between my family and the pet? Of course not, and I say that without guilt, but today, that was not the case.  Until next time….


Maybe today…I’ll figure out how my brain works

I’ve never considered myself an artist, maybe art savvy, but as I recently confessed, my need for control turns every piece of art I try to create into a project.  However it’s not the creation itself that I enjoy, it’s the thinking about something and then watching it become a reality. And here is where I am always surprised, because no matter how much I plan or visualize the piece of  art in my head always turns into another project that I had no clue was even in my brain. So with that in mind I give you today’s topic:

Maybe today…I’ll figure out how my brain works.

I’m not talking about the actual biological functions but the basic perceptions that I seem to  completely misinterpret. So in a previous blog I stated that my next project was to involve candy foil wrappers, toothpicks and small mirrors. Well it seems that only one of those items are actually in my next project which ended up being miniature wooden rafts with artistic flair. Why?  I don’t know.  When I meditated on it yesterday I came up with this: Last year I visited the ocean for the first time.  It was amazing!  I had never felt so serene, so at peace.  It was the first time in my life that I realized that there is no way for me to control everything and that that was a great thing.  So maybe the miniature wells, (which I haven’t told you about) and the miniature rafts are representations of my mind trying to reconnect with that feeling of complete awesomeness.  And maybe not. Until next time…