Unexpected Expenses

Emergencies arrive on so many types of fronts. It may be emotional, financial or the scariest…physical. Today mine arrived in a form that I had no contingency for…animal. Today one of my pets had an emergency and for as long as I have had pets this was the first time I had to deal with a pet emergency.  We had the funds to cover the expenses with little strain, however once the bill arrived the title of the show I had been watching earlier popped in my brain which led me to today’s topic.

  Life or Debt

It’s sad for me to admit, but there was actually a number that would have made that a much harder choice. Luckily today we didn’t reach that number. However, it  brings to mind this question:  How did the fear of debt become such a prominent factor in important life decisions?  Now this is not a speech about healthcare. (I have political opinions, I just don’t feel the need to share them.)  This is a question of my own moral boundaries when it comes to debt.  I say that I wouldn’t have saved the life of my pet if the cost was too high, but is that really true?  I will admit something else, the original number that I had decided on before I hit the vet was half of the number on the bill, but once I was told that my pet’s quality of life could return to a healthy state doubling the number didn’t seem so bad. This was because, even though we knew the number was much larger than we anticipated, we could afford it with a few simple sacrifices.  Would my willingness to part with the money been the same had I not had it to give? If I had to choose between my family and the pet? Of course not, and I say that without guilt, but today, that was not the case.  Until next time….


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